Writing Mastery Program

An effective step by step approach to writing for kids + teens.

A Simple 9 Step System teaching YOUR Child a lifelong skill – Good Writing

A hands-on approach to transform your child’s writing ability by mastering how to write with correct structure, grammar, and style. Your child will write well and feel proud of themselves. 

The Most Critical Step

The most critical step of any writing is often overlooked because it feels overwhelming, useless, and frustrating.

The first step starts with

  • Learning how to use abbreviations and symbols to master note making.

  • Creating organized outlines to prepare to write.

Outlines allow your child to organize their writing in a way that makes sense and keeps their ideas clear and focused.  The art of creating outlines will transform how your child writes completely.

*** Outlines are the heart of the entire writing program and a step that most students tend to skip. ***

Gently Moving Toward

  • Outlining and summarizing a text.

  • Writing organized and cohesive paragraphs.

  • Learning stylistic techniques to move your child’s writing from boring to interesting.

  • Using vocabulary enhancement tricks. (The more words your child is exposed to, the better their communication skills become.)


Ultimately Learning A Simple Process To Write

  • Stories

  • Reports

  • Critiques

  • Multiple paragraph essays

  • Oral presentations

Is Your Child Ready To Write With Confidence?

Since you are here right now, your child is ready to build that writing confidence, change that self-doubting mindset and write better, faster and clearer than ever before.

Maybe writing seems hard because
  • Getting started is overwhelming.

  • The writing process isn’t automatic.

  • The process is slow and tedious.

  • Organizing thoughts and ideas is confusing.

  • Vocabulary is limited.

  • Staying focused and on track is challenging.

  • Disappointment with the end product is discouraging.

No matter where your child is on their writing journey, with patience, encouragement, hands-on dedicated attention, and the right program and instructor, they will begin to write better.

Hi, I’m Justyna. As a teacher, I’ve worked with over 3,000 students, contributed to multiple teacher publications, and trained hundreds of teachers.

But, it wasn’t always like this. I suffered from severe anxiety, which peaked when a high school teacher relentlessly tormented me about my assignments.

So now, I’ve decided to dedicate my life to helping your child feel confident and prepared when writing and presenting assignments for school.

Happy customers.

Betty Marzden

Star Review

“If we hadn’t worked with Justyna. I would probably be bald now. Our daughter would be struggling and I worry how much damage that could have caused to her self-esteem. I highly recommend Justyna.”

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Pramilda Zackhariyas

Star Review

“What we appreciate about Justyna is her willingness to work with our family and meet our unique needs. She was able to pay attention to each child’s unique needs and personality and adapt her teaching style to suit that child’s needs. This is a huge gift that she has and one that is very much needed and lacking in the public school system.”

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can benefit from the Writing Mastery Program?

If your child is in grades 6 all the way up to university, this program will improve their writing.

The content and resources used and the expectations are adjusted for your child to meet them where they are now, and to build a path beyond.

Why is the structure the same for students in grades 6 through to adult?

The Writing Mastery Program teaches your child how to write with correct structure and stylistic techniques that transform their writing; I don’t teach a specific type of writing.

I teach how to write.

The writing structure and techniques your child will learn will carry with them throughout high school, university or college, and the workforce.

For example, your child, regardless of age, should know how to create and organize outlines, or how to conclude a paragraph. These skills which your child will learn, apply to all who need to write.


How long does the program last?

I will work at your child’s pace. Therefore, it is difficult to gauge an exact start to finish. But, most students complete the program within 12-18 months.

Why is this program so long? Can it be shortened?

The Writing Mastery Program teaches an essential skill; how to write well.

Writing is a skill that takes time to learn how to do confidently, quickly, and eloquently. Your child, unless they are an adult, cannot master how to write in a short period because a lot of practice and guidance is required.

Patience is essential for success.

Adult learners can complete the program within 8 weeks.

Will my child succeed?

Absolutely! If your child does the work.

I work at your child’s pace; no rushing, that is not my philosophy.

When will I see results?

Each child is different, but improvement is incremental. You will see improvements in the first few lessons. Each lesson sets your child up for success.

How to succeed in the Writing Mastery Program?


Small tasks and assignments are given after each lesson, and your child must complete the homework before moving forward. The program is cumulative, and each skill is needed to move on to the next.

Where are the classes held?

All classes are in a virtual classroom on a secure, private network using sophisticated software.

Do you come to my home?

On rare occasion, yes, but typically no, because all classes are in a virtual classroom.

What is a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is a live private space used for learning one on one with an instructor.

Using a whiteboard and a pen tablet, which is provided for your child, I can communicate with your child, view their homework, present lessons, interact, and engage.

What I can do, your child can do as well; share documents, edit on the screen using their pen tablet, ask questions, make jokes, and enjoy the learning process.

The experience is identical to in-person learning if not better.

Watch a behind the scenes video HERE.

What do I need?
  • A computer

  • A webcam (Usually, built into laptops.)

  • Access to occasional printing

  • Willingness to learn

  • A pen tablet (suggested)

How much does the program cost?

2 sessions a week are the recommended minimum at approximately 45 – 60 minutes in length each unless otherwise advised by the instructor. Maximum 4 sessions per week.

Fees start at $388 per month.

The skills your child will learn while participating in the Writing Mastery Program will benefit them throughout high school, post-secondary education and their work environment by increasing their confidence and communication skills both written and oral.


Happy customers.

Serena Oh

Star Review

“Justyna can get the results that you would expect. My sons were finally at the grade level they were supposed to be at. I knew that they really felt good about themselves. As a mom, that makes me feel happy.”

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George Robertson

Star Review

“We were pleasantly surprised at how well our son was responding to working online. We were a bit skeptical at first. My son was more focused while online than in person. He told me it was like being pulled into a vortex. You just get so focused looking into one direction that you aren’t easily distracted by what’s around you.”

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Want to learn more, have a question, or ready to enroll your child?

Happy customers.

Monica Carneel

Star Review

“Sometimes Justyna would cover the same concept a few times until Ryan truly got it. I really liked that because I didn’t want him rushed. Also, I love how Justyna always makes Ryan teach her the lesson after he has learned it. What a great trick.”

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R. James

Star Review

“All our daughter needed was someone whom she trusted to rebuild her confidence and excitement for school.”

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