by Justyna Jurczykowska

Here’s why you, a solopreneur, small business, work from home boss, should learn to write your copy instead of hiring a copywriter.

1. No one knows, understands, and connects to your business better than you do.

2. You control every aspect of your message, the good and the bad; it is all yours.

3. There is something special about your words connecting directly with your clients.

4. Don’t underestimate your abilities. You can write well.

5. Good copywriters cost boatloads of money per item.

6. Spontaneous ideas and inspiration can only be written by you, at that moment.

7. Your dream clients want to hear your voice, not someone else’s.


Let me explain a little deeper.



1. No one knows, understands, and connects to your business better than you do.

You have invested countless hours developing this fantastic talent, skill, knowledge about your business; this took a long time.

To truly and deeply understand who you are and what your offer, it would take a copywriter forever to grasp.

Of course, they could learn about you on the surface and write some great content, but the most significant part missing would be you.

You know your business inside and out – it is in your heart and your mind 24/7.

You know exactly how to

  • fix your client’s problems,
  • how to nurture their process,
  • how to support them when needed,
  • how to connect with them through your passion.

You are the expert.

Especially, if you are still experimenting with your voice, hiring a copywriter will ensure their voice will be all over your writing not yours because they are the ones writing; it is coming out of their brain.

You cannot expect to hear yourself in their writing.

Your dream client wants to connect with you, not your copywriter.

2. You control every aspect of your message, the good and the bad; it is all yours.

Shitty writing is expected when you first start writing for your business but guess what, it is your shitty writing that has so much feeling and heart attached to it. Right?

Sometimes your writing will be so incredible it goes viral, and sometimes crickets because – sorry it sucked.

It doesn’t matter in the beginning because you are growing, developing, and learning from the good and bad.

You need to go through this process.

Just like learning how to rollerblade.

How many times did you fall flat on your face?

Me, a lot.

But, you keep on going and get better and better, next thing you know, you are jumping over things.

Writing for your business is your responsibility, especially when you are starting.

You cannot ask someone to rollerblade for you, right, so why hire someone to write for you?

3. There is something special about your words connecting directly with your clients.

Connecting with clients is all about feelings, what you feel and what they feel.

Imagine standing in front of a person you don’t know, turning to them and saying,

“I really like the way that hat looks on you; you look gorgeous.”

How do you think that person will feel after hearing that?

How will you feel after sharing that?

Words are what make the connection between you and your dream client.

Those words are based on feelings, good feelings because you understand your dream client, and they understand you.

You will feel huge satisfaction knowing that your words are connecting and making a difference in another person’s life.

That is a great feeling.

4. Don’t underestimate your abilities. you can write well.​

Can you speak?

If you said yes, and even if you said no, you can write.

You have the words, the desire to share them, and the ability to share them.

Think of writing as speaking on paper.

There is no difference.

Use amazing resources to spruce up your writing like a dictionary or thesaurus.

And, if you truly feel that you sound like a bumbling idiot, which I doubt, work with someone, like me, who can teach you the style and structure techniques needed to write easily.

I am as certain as certain can be, that you can write, and write well.

I know it because I have seen countless people go from thinking they suck, to enjoying the writing process.

You can do it.

5. Good copywriters cost boatloads of money per item.

Amazing copywriters cost a lot because they have spent a lot of time crafting, learning, practicing their art of writing.

They deserve to be paid what they charge.

Essentially, you get what you pay for. That goes with anything in life.

If you want to hire a copywriter, it will cost you thousands of dollars even just for one piece of writing.

Pull out that cheque book, otherwise, do it yourself.

Even if you hire the most expensive, amazing copywriter, what do you learn from it aside from how to subtract numbers?

If you are an incredibly busy, large business, then hiring a copywriter makes sense, but not for startups and solopreneurs.

You can do it yourself just like they did by crafting, learning, practicing your art of writing.

Learn how to write – this skill is priceless.

6. Spontaneous ideas and inspiration can only be written by you, at that moment.

Have you ever had an idea that was so good you needed to write it down immediately because there was so much passion, excitement, bewilderment at that moment?

Unfortunately, your copywriter will not be able to embody that experience a few hours or days later.

You would have to

  • schedule a call with them and
  • discuss the details, then
  • they would write at their convenience, and

next thing you know, the fire that originally burned for this idea is now a smoldering pile of ash.

The solution is simple: you write it.

7. Your dream clients want to hear your voice, not someone else’s.

Overall, your business is you; your dream clients want to work with you and want to hear from you.

There are a lot of YOUs in this paragraph because you should be the one writing for you.

If you believe that you need support in writing for your business, I can help with identifying your dream client and their pains, brainstorming a year’s worth of ideas to engage your audience, outlining and crafting your writing and feeling confident that YOU can write amazing stuff for your business.

Learn How You Can Start Writing Your Best Work EVER.