We hired Justyna to first help us homeschool our son for Grade 6. We wanted to create more time in our son’s day to allow for him to pursue these other interests such as training in dance and fashion design.

Justyna was amazing in every way. Firstly the curriculum material she selected was top notch and really designed every effectively to achieve the desired learning. She worked with our son on language and math and was able to guide him through the curriculum in a way that made learning fun for him. During Justyna’s time with our family, we saw our son enjoy the process of learning and it was incredible to see his confidence in himself grow from day to day. He is so confident in math. His writing has improved so much that he is often amazed at how he is able to put together sentences and understand how to structure his thoughts and his writing.

Our daughter who is in Grade 9 saw the progress her brother was making with his writing and also asked to work with Justyna to improve her writing skills. She too is excited about how much her writing has improved and feels much more prepared to take on her high school English classes and essay writing that is to come.

What we appreciate about Justyna is her willingness to work with our family and meet our unique needs. She was able to pay attention to each child’s unique needs and personality and adapt her teaching style to suit that child’s needs. This is a huge gift that she has and one that is very much needed and lacking in the public school system.

When we were looking for a teacher, we wanted someone who would pay attention to fostering the emotional intelligence and unique learning styles of students and feel that Justyna is great at doing this.  As parents, we found her great to work with in terms of addressing our needs and requests.

Pramilda Zackhariyas

It took us a while to decide to get a tutor. We were kind of embarrassed because my husband is a math professor and he couldn’t help our daughter. Every time we tried to help with math homework it became a battle. Progressively, it got worse. It brought a lot of tension in the home. She was hiding her tests and quizzes. We really didn’t know how bad it was until it was too late.

Her teacher was nice but honestly didn’t have the time to help.

Our daughter was so behind that it seemed everyone had given up on her. There were moments when I felt like it was easier than fighting with her. My sister-in-law was the one who found Justyna. We thank her every day for taking that step for us. Justyna is so calm and patient. Sometimes I listen in on her sessions with my daughter and I don’t know how she stays so calm and collected. I would want to pull my hair out.

We saw a huge difference just in the first week.

Our daughter would show us how to do math problems with such excitement like she discovered a secret.

Justyna’s assessment was so thorough that it caught every missing puzzle piece. I was a bit worried that we were focusing on such simple concepts at first but quickly I realized that was exactly where my daughter was struggling.

How did Justyna figure this out? How come no one else did? Amazing.

If we hadn’t worked with Justyna. I would probably be bald now. Our daughter would be struggling and I worry how much damage that could have caused to her self-esteem. I highly recommend Justyna or her amazing team.

It is worth every penny. The best investment we have ever made. Don’t wait.

Betty Marzden

We worked with Justyna for 2 years.  Initially, we hired Justyna to help our son learn to read. He was really struggling. He was in grade 3 at the time.

He had a reading specialist a school but it wasn’t enough.

Justyna was recommended to us by a friend and thought we could test it out and see if there would be any improvement.

Justyna is the most patient person we have ever seen work with him. Our son gets distracted very quickly and she always had a quick trick to get him to quickly refocus. I know he respected her and looked up to her.

To our excitement, our son began to read so well and it only took a few months to get him reading books. We couldn’t believe it. We had never seen it before. Our oldest son would sit down with him at night and listen to him read. It was amazing. We knew Justyna specialized in math and signed both sons up to work with her. It was a huge financial investment for us and it wasn’t easy but we knew we had to sacrifice somewhere to make it work.

We are so glad that we did.

Both our sons began with her assessment and our eldest was surprised at how much he didn’t actually know. He is a hard worker and after a year of building up all his math skills, he ended the school year with an A, for the first time.

The number one reason I recommend Justyna is because the programs and her execution simply WORK.

They really get the results that you would expect. My sons were finally at the grade level they were supposed to be at. I knew that they really felt good about themselves. As a mom, that makes me feel happy.

I highly recommend Justyna because she is an amazing teacher. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

Serena Oh

Initially, we contacted Sharpen That Pencil to support our son with math. Our family homeschools our two boys and my wife was getting overwhelmed teaching the higher grade math.

We were pleasantly surprised at how well our son was responding to working online. We were a bit skeptical at first.

My son was more focused while online than in person. He told me it was like being pulled into a vortex. You just get so focused looking into one direction that you aren’t easily distracted by what’s around you.

Those are his words.

My wife and I quickly decided that we wanted the tutor to teach both our boys full time. We feel so blessed to have joined the STP family. Having a dedicated tutor took sooo much pressure off my wife. She was getting overwhelmed.

One of the best parts of working online with our tutor was being able to continue our classes while we went to Florida for a few weeks. The kids were able to study and play.

I want to say something to those who read this testimonial. Homeschooling is an amazing way of teaching our children. When you homeschool everything is condensed and shorter but so much more effective. Hire a professional tutor to help you and you will have so much time with your family.

I highly recommend Justyna and her team because they know what they are doing and they get the job done right. Thanks for everything!

George Robertson

I am a stay at home mom. I have three kids and Ryan is my oldest. We hired Justyna when Ryan was in grade 1. He couldn’t read and definitely had a lot of trouble in basic math.

Honestly, I had my hands full and I just didn’t know what to do with Ryan and his school work.

Every time I went to meet his teacher, I was so embarrassed. Ryan was failing. It was so embarrassing. I am ok saying that out loud now because that is not where he is today. Ryan’s teacher suggested we get a tutor. I thought a tutor in grade 1 was ridiculous. But, I had my hands so full at home that we decided to give it a try.

Thank God. It was like Ryan all of a sudden woke up and everything started coming together.

Justyna’s process is so simple. She teaches ONE simple concept at a time. Never rushes nor skips anything.

Sometimes she would cover the same concept a few times until Ryan truly got it. I really liked that because I didn’t want him rushed. Also, I love how Justyna always makes Ryan teach her the lesson after he has learned it. What a great trick. She always tells Ryan to use his words to make sure she can understand the instructions. This has helped Ryan with his language writing and presentations. What a bonus.

If you are overwhelmed and your child is struggling in any way, work with Justyna. She took all the stress off my shoulders and really really helped my son.

I highly recommend her and her program. Thank you so much J!

Monica Carneel

We homeschool three kids. We couldn’t find a tutor that could handle working with three kids that was actually good. We didn’t know about online tutoring until a friend recommended this company she uses for her daughter. At first, we didn’t understand how this would work. But, it did, actually well. Justyna organized the schedule in a way like a puzzle that gave everyone something to do while the others were with the tutor. It was like a well-oiled machine. Having the recorded lessons was so helpful. Anytime the kids were stuck on something we just watched the recorded class. It made it very easy to get back on track. Hiring a tutor was a great decision. I recommend it to everyone. Call Justyna today!

Maria S.

My daughter was just about to finish elementary school and her confidence was really low.

My wife and I struggled with her every day. She was constantly fighting with us about anything and everything that had to do with school. She didn’t want to hear what we had to say. She was pulling in C’s.

Honestly, we were so disappointed. We felt that she wasn’t at the maturity level that she needed to be. I had been communicating with Justyna back and forth for almost a year until we finally decided to work together.

I was putting it off because I thought we could do it on our own.

We worked with Justyna for only a few months and within the first month, our daughter’s attitude shifted. She listened to Justyna and trusted her. Justyna gave us some advice about how to deal with the hesitation around school work and essentially we backed off a bit…it worked! We were shocked.

All our daughter needed was someone whom she trusted to rebuild her confidence and excitement for school.

Not only did Justyna teach her the missing math skills that she was missing but helped her mature into a confident high school student. It was way more than we expected. We expected math and writing help but we got way more…confidence.


Thank you for going above and beyond. We appreciate the time you spent with our daughter.

R. James